Tall Men Association is formed for the people within and outside Kerala who has a height of 6 Feet or more.The minimum requirement to become a member of Tall Men Association is a height of at least 6ft. or 183 cm. Any one who posses a height of 6 ft. can take a membership in TMA and has to abide by the rules and regulations set by the bilo.Today, we have got members from all districts of Kerala.

The Tall Men Association was organized on 15th May 1999 by Mr.Sacharia Joseph. There are people who have differenet types of difficulties because of their big height.to bring these problems to the notice of the Government and to organise meetings and to build up a social network and togetherness among the tall people. TMA was registered as a Trust on 15th May 1999 with Reg.No:469199.15.05.1999.

Under the leadership of a retired Air force Officer Sri Sacharia Joseph, the world’s first association for Tall men was began in Thrissur, Kerala in 1999. There were 15 members along with him in this humble start.

The association got registered as a Charitable Trust with all due legalities on May 15, 1999. This registration is renewed on a year basis.

  • To bring all Tall people together
  • To address the tall people’s problems like the difficulties faced during travelling in public transport system, entering offices without the fear of knocking our heads, the availability of large sized garments.
  • To be a medium for finding suitable life- partners for Tall people in their life
  • To enhance the living standards of Tall people
  • To be a helping hand to the Tall people in turmoil
  • To provide decent job opportunities