Tall men Annual Function


  • The Special wing under TMA T.M.E.F – Tall Men Executive Force is in the number one position. The members of TMA can only work with the T.M.E.F activities. There are about 300 cadets, who are able to work as T.M.E.Fmembers. People from other employment fields, part-time and full-time workers, students, and people working in force with a monthly salary range of Rs.5000 to Rs.50000. All cadets are 6ft or taller, physically fit, dressed up well with costly uniforms including coats.

Our team

Tall Men Association is formed for the people within and outside Kerala who has a height of 6 Feet or more.The minimum requirement to become a member of Tall Men Association is a height of at least 6ft. or 183 cm. Any one who posses a height of 6 ft. can take a membership in TMA and has to abide by the rules and regulations set by the bilo.Today, we have got members from all districts of Kerala.

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