A social Organisation for Tall People

TMA was started with 15 members and Mr.Sacharia Joseph as President, Mr.P.I.Jose as the Secretary, Mr.K.P.Bhasheer Haji as the Joint Secretary, and Mr.Jimmy Iype Tholathu as the Treasurer were elected during the first meeting. The association got registered as a Charitable Trust with all due legalities on May 15, 1999. This registration is renewed on […]

To be a medium for finding suitable life- partners for Tall people in their life

This association work for the welfare of the Tall people. TMA had submitted a memorandum to the government for a favourable solution for the difficulties faced by the tall men like re arranging the height, distance between the seats of the different Transport vehicles such as bus, train, etc., to make sure of the availability of suitable footwear, readymade dresses etc for the tall people, special priority has to be given in the recruitments to Army and Local PoliceMore encouragements has to be given to Tall people in Sports activities.


To provide decent job opportunities

TMA provide decent job opportunities.TMA is being known as the first organization in the world, made up for bringing up togetherness among the Tall people around the world.The minimum requirement to become a member of Tall Men Association is a height of at least 6ft. or 183 cm. Any one who posses a height of[…..]